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"The more you know, the luckier you get."
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"The more you know, the luckier you get."

Our company's official definition underscores Work/Life Connection’s business purpose. Through it, we aim to increase knowledge and we guarantee that our clients’ participants will gain confidence, motivation and skills so that their organizational contributions and life values are in balance. This results in a higher sense of mutual respect, active teamwork and positive individual purpose which ultimately benefits the entire enterprise and its customers.

Since 2001, Work/Life Connection’s consulting has grown to accommodate contract projects in designing, developing and delivering the following:

• Workforce Training
• Management Development
• Career Coaching
• Team Retreats
• Retirement Counseling
• SAGE Factor™ Technology

Leonarda (Lani) Carrow,Chief Learning Officer of Work/Life Connection, is a freelance consultant specializing in frontline staff development. Her company’s philosophy is based upon the premise that there are "leaders at all levels" in every organization. She believes that the entry-level person is the face and the voice of the company that they work for. She understands that when external customers relate to a brand, it is invariably connected to their recent transaction with a frontline person. Therefore, even in management development sessions, the impact for that entry level worker is vital.

Through years of management experience in service-oriented corporations, Lani Carrow has crafted a presentation approach that targets the frontline person’s needs. With conscientious efforts to impart their company’s values and image, Lani Carrow has succeeded in generating a resume of satisfied clients.

Lani Carrow works directly with HR & HRD representatives to establish the goals for customized training. Whether it is in helping with existing internal training needs or ad hoc course requirements, Ms. Carrow’s training sessions become coaching opportunities. Through interactive exercises, Lani Carrow stimulates participants to accept and to adopt new or enhanced behaviors. In this way, the adult learners take away a renewed sense of self-respect, self-confidence and an appreciation of their role on the frontline or as managers to the frontline.

Lani Carrow believes that organizations gain in annual profit margins, operational efficiencies and customer loyalty due directly to their investment in frontline development. Because of this value, Work/Life Connection’s policy is to guarantee a reduction in frontline turnover rate by 10% or greater within the first year after training. In addition, as frontline talents grow, succession planning leading to better work teams and to stronger management growth. Specializing in work/life balance, team operations, management service and service/ leadership performance providing organizations with performance consulting, staff development, teambuilding and group facilitation

Work/Life Connection, LLC is a limited liability corporation founded by Lani Carrow in 2001. It was originally started (1999) as a consulting practice that supported efforts to highlight work life balance. It continues to provide guidance to adult learners on a wide variety of critical subjects that advance staff performance and improve employee satisfaction.

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