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Lani Carrow is the co-author of the book "The New Normal" 2001. This publication is a guide for achieving Work/Life balance. The "New Normal" message is directed to both employers and employees and has been available in workshop format to help audiences improve their understanding of work/life issues, offering practical suggestions and exercises to assure active learning and positive outcomes.

You may view a sample of the book here

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Lani Carrow writes many position papers for ASTD and CLO magazine about the adult learning field . We have listed several of the articles that have been well-received. Read about some of her views on how employers can augment staff development whether they are in a large or a small business.

Article titles in order (most recent first) are:

Strengthen Training Retention Through Corporate Strategy
Teller Training
Challenging Business Leaders To Be Trainers
Work Balance Tips
Strength Training For Strategic Muscle
The Golden Rule
Summer Bridge Teams Using the SAGE Factor
Leave No Employee Behind

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